Our book keeping services are part of our financial admin services and probably the most loved by our clients.

I think every one of our clients has opted for us to take their book keeping off their hands.  We actually hear the sigh of relief when we say we can do it for them.  We normally find receipts in all manner of places; shoeboxes seem to be the most popular but piled up in desk trays are a close second.

How the book keeping service works:

We will set up a basic system or use an online software programme such as Xero.  If you have an online accounting system in place, great, we are more than happy to learn. It is our aim to give you back the time you spend carrying out all of these financial tasks:

  • Organising invoices, receipts and bank statements
  • Reconciling transactions (book keeping)
  • Processing sales invoices and supplier payments
  • Raising invoices and chasing payments
  • Liaising with your accountant

By keeping up to date and on top of these tasks it will be possible to produce monthly reports and up to date figures. Allowing you to make an informed decision about how and where you can grow your business. As well as set appropriate targets, work out your marketing budget, clearly see your spending habits and more.

Going forward:

If you hear yourself muttering year-end resolutions “next financial year I will reconcile my accounts at the end of every month, no every week and I shall log and file my receipts away appropriately”  but you know deep down it isn’t going to happen, don’t worry, we can help.  SO. understands you’ve got bigger and better things to be getting on with; like growing your business.

With year-end fast approaching the clock is ticking as to when your accounts need to be organised and reconciled.

SO. if your book keeping resembles the photos below but would prefer they resemble the last two; get in touch and find out how our book keeping services can help you. It also isn’t too late for us to help get this year’s accounts into order either.

It’s time to grow.